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Brand Development


PERFECT SOLUTION FOR: small teams or individual training


- Online or offline training based on your needs

- Learning through experience

- Professional Brand Strategy created by you

OUR PROMISE: to unlock your creative power


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"Thinking outside the box” experiences are helping marketing experts all over the world to find their creative approach for building powerful campaigns to engage the public.

We create tailor-made experiences and training programmes for both marketing professionals and everybody else interested in marketing and branding.

That training helps the process of crafting brand and marketing strategies and campaigns, giving new perspectives and a creative approach.

Leading the participants through the process of brand development, without the limits we experience every day at work, helps them unlock their creative passion, generate new ideas and express the soul of the brand in new, creative, and more engaging ways.

Successful marketing campaigns provoke emotions, attract, inspire and engage, and they communicate the character of the brand in a unique and recognizable way. Our goal is to lead our participants to the place where they are inspired and provoked to create unique strategies and campaigns for their businesses.

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Design for Non-Designers

If you are a marketing expert, content writer or a social media expert, you most probably are starving every single day for great visuals presenting your ideas—new banners, images, posts, online advertising, covers, infographics, presentations, etc.

If you don’t have great designers in your team or you just want to be able to express yourself better, this training is for you!

Working with images for the Internet is different than working with images for print. This training focuses on developing the most-needed knowledge and skills to create beautiful visuals for Internet use—software, design elements, composition, color harmony.

This course is based on practice and learning thru experience. That’s why developing new skills is fast and more engaging. You’ll be able to create simple and professional visuals and engage your public better without spending months studying.

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PERFECT SOLUTION FOR: small teams or individual training


- Skills to master your online design materials

- Online or offline training based on your needs

- Learning through experience

OUR PROMISE: better visuals for internet


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